At the young, ripe age of 25 my son was diagnosed with a rare heart disease.  He was the first of our family to ever experience this condition.  In less than five years he would need two major organs, a heart and a kidney, to survive.  After two and a half years of disbelief and denial, our family would spend approximately two years traveling to different locations outside of the Cincinnati area, sometimes requiring him to travel almost 100 miles one way, two to three times a week, numerous stays in facilities, seeking approval for a double transplant.  So imagine the debacle we faced, when only two-weeks after he was approved for the double transplant, at Lexington Medical Center, in Kentucky, a miracle within itself, to witness his death.  We went from joy to devastation.  More traumatic, our family would endure six losses within a matter of nine months.

Now experiencing the most devastating moment of my life, the death of my son, I lie on the floor in my bathroom, heart aching in pain, unable to breathe because the room has lost all its air, balling uncontrollably unable to be comforted by anyone, when the Lord speaks to me and says, “Rachel, this is going to be “Good Grief”!  I stopped crying, not because I was comforted; however, because I am mad!  How could this much sorrow, ache and pain to the point that I want to lie here and die, be good?  Needles s to say, I am so angry, I have stopped crying and have gotten into bed.  

We have learned one of our enemies’ greatest tactics is fear. So our greatest combat must be Faith. As Abraham conquers his insurmountable mountain were he must make his greatest sacrifice and as David slays the formidable giant Goliath, who terrifies the armies of the Most High, declaring to Saul, {paraphrasing} First, I cannot let this enemy defy the name of the Lord and second, your men cannot win because they are paralyzed by what they “see” a giant, I cannot help how big he is for me, it’s just another ‘bear”! I am moved from “believing, He is God to “trusting” in our God as I battle my most devastating obstacle, GRIEF!   Your giant/mountain may not be GRIEF. Substitute Grief for whatever your debacle; however, find out what David meant when he said, Saul, you see the Giant, but for me it’s just another bear!

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