Swansea, South Carolina


The Ladies In Waiting Program Founded By Cassandra Luckey-Sutton Of New Life Outreach Ministries in Swansea, South Carolina is a program designed for young ladies between 13-21 of ages. We have began enrolling for the year 2016-2017 to create a city-wide chapter for Cincinnati, OH. My goal is to work with High School counselor’s and other organizations to help these young ladies. Our Mission is to provide preparation, Inspiration, Knowledge, and a nurturing environment. This program provides Mentorship, group activities, Counseling, college tours, and other resources. We understand the difficulty that young ladies face while growing up. Our goal is to support the ladies in ALL aspects of their development by breaking the cycles of poverty, low self-esteem, and teen pregnancy.

Often young ladies are fed negative messages by society and the media. We hope to help young ladies break away from negative images that would hold them back from completely realizing their dreams, goals and aspirations. This is a year round and on going program, that meets once a month. It is driven by their own ideas, along with being carefully orchestrated by their mentors. Our mentors are assigned to work with ladies and are required to present before them an exemplary lifestyle. If our young ladies are going to succeed in their life and goals, they must be provided with proper guidance, training and resources.